The Endless Dream PDF

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Pulled into a dreamscape, the party is unwittingly brought together in the stronghold of Amaurea's Great House. As the party explores the strange dream, they must reckon with a presence that corrupts the world and threatens to imprison them in eternal sleep.

The Endless Dream is a House Rhuviel Introductory Adventure by Ryan Schapals. It includes The Waking Dream, a House Rhuviel Short Story by Stephen Rhodes.

 The Endless Dream is meant to be an eerie and psychological narrative that can be played as a one-shot or short adventure. This module is designed with a party of three to five in mind, but due to the noncombat focus, any size party at any level will easily fit in.

You can use this adventure to kickstart a campaign or easily integrate this adventure into an ongoing campaign in Amaurea's Dawn or other worlds.

Included are links to 6 pre-built characters that may be used by players to quickly get started, or to give ideas.