Shores of Valhalla PDF

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In Shores of Valhalla, you’ll wage war with and against the gods of the Nine Realms as the final confrontation between the Aesir, Vanir, Jotun, and humankind comes to a head. Shores of Valhalla is the second campaign setting for Open Legend and includes new mechanics that open up new styles of play and encourage player characters (PCs) to align themselves with one of the four factions. The additional rules can always be introduced later, modified, or ignored entirely depending on the goals and desires of the players. This setting is intended for players of any experience level.

Following in this storytelling tradition, we’ve reimagined and evolved our favorite characters, given them new enemies, and created a deeply complex political and geographical battleground for them to navigate. And that’s where you come in, as the fallen, who’ve been dragged to the remains of Valhalla to battle in a war between the powers growing among this scattered archipelago.