Mind in Flight Adventure + Names for Prey Short Story PDF

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Imprisoned within a strange city, a band of outsiders must work together to unravel the mystery of an unsolved murder. No one can be trusted. Caught in a power struggle between both scientific and spiritual leaders, a band of makeshift investigators will either uncover their secrets or be smothered by them.

In this adventure, you’ll explore a fantastical mystery with elements of science fiction. Combat takes a backseat, while player characters (PCs) gather information and key items. With the focus on character and dialogue, it’s easy to pick up this adventure as a first-time Game Master (GM) or player. Taking the time to answer questions and tutorialize the early action rolls will quickly bring your party up to speed on the basics.

You can use this adventure to kickstart a campaign or easily integrate this adventure into an ongoing campaign in Amaurea or other worlds with a setup event that gets your party in trouble, knocked out, or otherwise detained.


Includes Names for Prey, which is a House Nivenilya Short Story (from Amaurea's Dawn) by Ryan Schapals