Massacre at Writhing Ridge

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On the border between Moondew Watch and the Mournvale Swamp, the party investigates a recent massacre at Writhing Ridge. Hired by the mysterious Mistress Dobren, they serve as an independent third party verifying or uncovering what really happened. As they pursue the Valurien aggressors, the party will either uncover the truth or serve as witless pawns in an imperialist scheme.

Massacre at Writhing Ridge is a House Valurien Introductory Adventure by Ryan Schapals. It includes A Trick of Light, a House Valurien Short Story by Brianna Powers.

Massacre at Writhing Ridge is meant to be a sandbox that can be played over the course of a single two- to four-hour session. The module is intended for a party of 3 - 5 characters at level 1 though you can always adjust the difficulty by adding more enemies or upping their stats. Depending on your group’s style, you can tailor this adventure more toward combat or have the player characters (PCs) focus on using their wits, charm, and stealth. Everything you need as a first time Game Master (GM) or player is provided, minus the dice and the character sheets. Taking the time to answer questions and tutorialize the early action rolls will quickly bring your party up to speed on the basics.

Included in the adventure are six pre-built characters that may be used by players to quickly get started, or to give ideas.