Companion Art Pack - Mind in Flight

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Created by Loremasters, this art pack is a companion for the adventure, The Mind in Flight. It includes all of the maps and tokens needed to set the adventure up on your favorite virtual tabletop platform. This pack includes:

  • 10 battle maps highlighting each of the exciting locations and events in the adventure. 
  • 1 GM Map detailing the location of each encounter in chapter 8. Enter Infinity.
  • 13 tokens of all of the NPCs introduced in the adventure.
  • 3 character portraits featuring prominent NPCs from the Amaurea’s Dawn Campaign Setting.
  • 4 handout illustrations to show your players during the adventure.
  • 15 item cards featuring all of the items introduced in the adventure. 
  • 1 welcome page to use as a splash page for the launch of the adventure.

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